Tipyaan Vision

Our Vision

In addition to Quran, Arabic and Islamic learning TIPYAAN aiming to let its students understanding Islam and applying the Islamic way of life should takes the highest priority.
Building Muslim character that can stand against society norms that are against the Islamic principles is highly observed.

Letting students know about the great Islamic history with its prominent figures helps students a lot to be proud of Islam and push them to learn and apply it.
Letting student know about Allah, His Attributes, and Greatness, help them to observe Allah’s orders.
Giving even brief explanation for the verses that students recite or memorize keep them close to the words of Allah.

There are basics of each field of Islamic studies that Muslim cannot be ignore of, we tried to let all students, regardless the field that they study, to know these basics.
Islamic education should be provided in an easy and creative way based on student experience and previous knowledge.
Finding and inventing various and effective ways of memorization that suits and helps all students should be applied.