Quran Tafseer online course for kids

Quran Tafseer online course for kids

Tafseer Quran online for Kids

This Quran Tafseer online course aim to:

Present Islam in exciting way

Establish Islamic norms and ethics firmly

Help to understand Islam deeply and practically

Help to enjoy Islamic teaching learning

Provide practical application of Islamic morals

Save and build Muslim character

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Why do you need this course?

  • Understand Quran meaning.
  • Know the causes of revelation
  • Learnt lessons of Quran stories
  • Understand the orders of Allah
  • Develop a strong bond with Quran

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Teacher who teach this course?

Of long experience

teaches creatively

has high tech skills

Of great patience

Certified and specialized tutors

Graduated in reputable Islamic universities

Knows how to deal with children and beginners

Memorizes Quran

has very good level of English

Quran Tafseer online course for kids
Quran Tafseer online course for kids

What will you learn?

Based on the student level, they may learn:

Meaning of Quran verses

The teachings of each verse and Surah

The general meaning of Quran Surah

Stories mentioned in the Quran

Learnt lessons of the verses

Importance of Tafseer

Branches of Tafseer

Tafseer Al-Quran by Al-Quran

Whom this course is for:

New Muslims

Non-Arab Muslims

Muslim children above 5 years old

Muslims living in a Non-Muslim countries



Course features:

Simple classes for kids

Simple and made easy for everyone


Observes individual differences

Establishes basic information of the meaning of the surah

Builds a bond to Quran

Regular Reports to Ensure the Progress

Completion Certificates

Free trial class.

Classes around the clock.

Completion Certificates

Free trial class.

Classes around the clock.

One-To-One live sessions.

Male & Female tutors.

Quran Tafseer online course for kids

Course Curriculum

Considers student age, background, Islamic knowledge etc.

Uses technical and modern ways of teaching

Deeply understanding of the Islamic concepts

Develops close bond to the Quran

Establishes basic information about the surah

Effective and successful educational ways

Puts the Quran into practice

Lets you understand reason and time of revelation

Of Interesting and exciting ways

Expanded and comprehensive course

Shows the importance of Quran

Course Strategy

Based on the student age and background we put a plan that considers how deep and advanced should be the approach adopted. Aims in all cases are to let the student closer to the book of Allah, to get the utmost benefit of it.
Quran Tafseer online course for kids

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