Quran Stories online classes for Kids

Quran stories online for kids

Quran Stories for Kids … Presenting Islam in different way

Quran stories for kids aim to:

Present Islam in exciting way

Establish Islamic norms and ethics firmly

Help to understand Islam deeply and practically

Help to enjoy Islamic teaching learning

Provide practical application of Islamic morals

Save and build Muslim character

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Why do you need this course?

  • Getting morals from stories
  • Learning something new
  • Deeper understanding of Islam
  • Learning lessons about life
  • Getting general learnt lessons
  • showing virtues of Islam
  • Understanding the message of faith

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Teacher who teach this course?

Talent to deal with young ages

Has unique style of teaching

Has amazing way of teaching

Both genders are available

Qualified teachers

Graduated in Islamic universities

Majored at Islamic subjects.

Knows how to deal with children and beginners

Has very good level of English

Has great ability to communicate and interact

Quran stories online classes for kids
Quran stories online classes for kids

What will you learn?

Stories of the Quran

stories of prophets

Stories of Islamic history

Practical application of Islamic morals

The prophets’ life experiences

General morals.

The biography of the prophet Muhammad

Whom this course is for:

Muslim children

New Muslims

Non-Arab Muslims

Muslims living in a Non-Muslim countries


Course features:

Exciting and enjoyable

Specially designed for kids and teenagers

Establishing moral in a practical way

Establishing moral in a practical way

Helping understand Islam deeply

Fun atmosphere to learn.

Open to any child aged 4+

Observes individual differences

Covers different Islamic stories

Aims to save and build Muslim character

Completion Certificates

Free trial class.

Classes around the clock.

One-To-One live sessions.

Male & Female tutors.

Quran stories online classes for kids

Course Curriculum

Expands the imagination of kids

Develops listening skills

Makes kids more familiar with Islamic teaching

Inspires the kids

Presents Islamic teaching in an enjoyable way

Aims to establish Islamic norms and morals

Course Strategy

We trying to choose the correct story for the student based on they age, background and Islamic concepts that we need to establish in their mind. Stories acts as a very good way for both kids and elder students to illustrate Islamic ideas and principles in practical ways.
quran stories online for kids

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