Quran Memorization Ijazah

quran memorization ijazah

Get your Quran Memorization Ijazah with short Sanad to the Prophet Mohammed

This Quran Memorization Ijazah course aim to:

Enhance your memorization

Help you support Tajweed application

Train you pick up others' recitation mistakes

Grant you Quran formal certification

Give you summary of different Qira’at

Let you study Tajweed deeper

Qualify you to teach Quran for others

Understand Tajweed deeper and wider

Grant you a short Sanad (chain to Prophet)

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Why do you need this course?

  • Get your Memorization Perfect
  • Get qualified to teach Quran
  • Get a permission to teach Quran.
  • Get your Ijazah in memorization with Sanad
  • Join a chain back to prophet Mohammed
  • Reach perfection in the recitation
  • Learn Tajweed rules deeper

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Teacher who teach this course?

Experienced and Hafiz

Certified with Ijazah

Have short Sanad

Graduated in Islamic universities

Majored at Islamic subjects

Male and female

Native Arabic speakers

Has very good level of English

Hifz Quran classes
Memorize Quran online

What will you get in Quran memorization ijazah?

Learning how to read Quran excellently

Getting Tajweed knowledge deeper

Enhancing the application of Tajweed rules

Supporting Quran memorization

Training how to teach Quran to others

Learning how to explain Tajweed rules to beginners

Knowing about different Qira’at

Whom this course is for:

A student having the basic knowledge of Tajweed Rules and the ability to recite the Quran from memory: Should have the following:

Basic Tajweed rules

Ability to recite from memory

Apply basic Tajweed rules correctly

If you do not have this qualification, you may join Quran Tajweed course to prepare yourself for Ijazah.

Or even you may join Recitation Ijazah course.


Course features:


Focuses on weaknesses

Provides enough training

One-to-one online sessions

Teaches new skills

An Ijazah certificate with short Sanad

Weekly and Monthly Reports

free trial sessions

Has a flexible schedule

Both gender of the student

quran ijazah

Course Curriculum

We aim to let you out of this course with more with enhanced memorization, smooth and correct recitation for Quran along with deeper and clear understanding for Tajweed rules.

Takes you a step forward

Observes individual differences

Takes into account motives, trends, gender, and age

Qualifies you to teach Quran for others

Gives summary about different Qira’at

Shows the importance of Quran

Develops close bond to the Quran

Course Strategy

We are trying to raise the quality of your recitation and memorization, as well as how deep you understand Tajweed rules theoretically, and apply them practically through identifying your repeated mistakes and work upon them gradually. Repeating and listening up to perfect recitation while explaining the point of mistake and weaknesses helps us in that regard.
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