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Free Trial
It is 2 sessions 100% FREE, and do not need any conditions to join. After these free trials, you may talk to Tipyaan Admin to express your comment, which is highly welcomed.

Notice: You can try the 2 sessions with different two teachers to choose one of them.

Money-back Guarantee
Tipyaan hopes that students understand the importance of learning Islamic and Arabic studies in their life as Muslims However, if for any reason, a student decides not to continue with his/her classes, and had pay more than one month, he/she has the full right to get back his money.
Please Note:
Claiming for the refund shall be only for a coming month/s
Claiming for a refund shall be done 3 days at least before that month/s
Student is to bear the fees of transferring back money to him/her
The refund is to be done within a period of one week.

Payment and Discounts
Payment done by students helps us to continue, for the payment helps us cover our various expenses.
If, for any reason, student is not able to afford the full fees, please contact us by clicking on Contact Us, or you may email us via support@TipyaanAcademy.com for arrangement.
We offer different discounts in case of in advance payments, and high hour number of subscription, and others.
Payment shall be done on the first day of the new coming month.
Unfortunately, we have to suspend student’s classes on the third day of the new coming month, in case of payment failure, without any notification from the side of student.
We do not store credit card details nor share customer information with any 3rd parties.

Ending subscription
Student has the full right to cancel his/her subscription by giving 3 days prior notification. Student can get back money of the new coming months.

Public Holidays
Tipyaan strives to keep the institute opened year-round. However, we should consider the two Muslim significant holidays that are observed by all teachers, staff. Arabic teachers may need more than one day for Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha. So, the Academy will be closed for three days or five days respectively.
In spite, there is still a chance for the student to take his classes on their regular times, if the teacher agrees. Otherwise, teachers should make these classes up after Eid holidays.

Attendance Policy
Student should be in the classroom at least 2 minutes before the class start-time with all material needed.
Teacher should begin the class right at the start time, if student is not present, teacher will send a reminder note through the communication tool.
The Class would be ended at its normal right time if the student attends late. No make up for wasted minutes by students.
Teacher is ready and waiting for 30 minutes, starting from the beginning of the time of the class, then he would leave and the student would be considered absent, with no right for a make-up.
If the teacher is late 3 minutes, student should send a reminder note via the communication tool. If no-reply send, student may leave after 10 minutes. In this case teacher should give a make up for the student.

Class cancelation and rescheduling
The percentage of classes that student has the right to cancel are governed by the bunged you choose.
A class cancelled by student should has a make-up later if the cancelation request is send four hours prior to the normal time of the class.
A class cancelled by student should NOT has a make-up if the cancelation request is sent less than four hours before the normal time of the class.
The make-up of the cancelled class is to be rescheduled with the teacher.
In case that teacher has to take vacation for more than one week, Tipyaan may appoint substitute teacher to continue with the student program till the teacher is back.
Rescheduling classes is always depending on time available with teachers and students.

Class Quality
Tipyaan do its best to ensure class quality and effectiveness by some procedures such as appointing supervisors and academic advisors to monitor teacher performance and notice student progress. We also may need to record some or all of the classes.
You feedback about the classes and teachers helps us to ensure the high quality of the classes.
Student Transfer: We may need to transfer the student to another teacher either permanently or for specific period, to insure a continuous educational process of high quality.

General issues
The privacy of each and every student is protected, Tipyaan will not share or sell any information about any student to any third parties.
Tipyaan has the right to update this policy and inform students with the changes
Students are to not share any personal information or accounts for teachers or staff members, unless communicating through our support@tipyaanacademy.com

Students may send complaints about any issue related to the class, the teacher or the education material etc. through support@tipyaanacademy.com, or any other communication channel, like WhatsApp We will try to help soon.

Help, Questions, Comments
If you have any questions or comments or need any help, please do not hesitate to communicate us through support@TipyaanAcademy.com or call
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