Memorize Quran Online with Tipyaan Hifz Classes

Online Tajweed course

Your Way for Proper Recitation of the Quran
Enjoyable for kids … Rewarding for the Rest
These online Tajweed course aim to:

Full understanding of Tajweed Rules

Proper implementation for Tajweed

Preparing you to explain Tajweed for beginners

Qualifying you to catch Tajweed Mistakes and fix them

Helping to understand the meanings of Ayat

Reciting Quran loudly with a beautiful voice

Preparing you for taking Ijazah with Sanad


Completing Basic Arabic Course


3 To 6 Month


2 To 5 Hours Weekly

Tipyaan Academy

Why do you have to Learn Tajweed?

  • Tajweed helps you avoid mistakes in Quran recitation.
  • Reciting Quran in a way that Allah loves.
  • Preserving Quran against additions or changes.
  • Learning Tajweed helps you read Quran with a nice voice.
  • To have the great reward of perfecting reading the Quran.
  • Improving the skill of fluent Arabic pronunciation.
  • Tajweed classes help you understand Ayat’s meaning.
  • Tajweed is a highly honored field of study since it is related to Quran.

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Who will teach you or your children Tajweed?

Native Arabic Teacher

Graduated in authenticated institutes such as al-Azher

Known how to overcomes difficulties of basic Arabic learners

Male and female Arabic tutors

Enjoyed great skills to teach Arabic for beginners online

Certified and in most cases have Ijazah

Qualified to teach you how to be a Tajweed teacher

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Our native-Arabic Tajweed teachers who in most cases have Ijazah and graduated from one of the authenticated institutes such as al-Azher are ready to help you. They are talented in explaining Tajweed rules and practice them step by step up to perfection. We have qualified female teachers skilled in delivering online Tajweed classes for sisters.

Learning Quran with Tajweed and practicing it in classes with qualified Tajweed teachers is very helpful for you and your children not only to recite Quran properly but also to improve your ability to speak fluent and proper Arabic

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At the Tajweed online classes, you'll learn:

Rules of Noon and Meem with Shaddah

The four ways of pronouncing Noon Sakinah and Tanween

The three ways of pronouncing Meem Sakinah

How to apply Qalqalah

Basic Madd and another Madds special for Quran

Heavy and light letters

Letters articulation points

Letters' qualities and characteristics

Other related Tajweed rules

Who this Quran Memorization program is for:

One with basic Arabic and need to learn Tajweed rules.

One who already knew Tajweed rules but needs more practice

If you can read Quran well and need to make sure that your recitation is away from mistakes.

One who prepares himself for the Tajweed Ijazah course.

If you have this basic level of reading Arabic, now you are ready to go forward with these online Tajweed classes to start reading Quran properly. You may also already studied Tajweed before, but if you have not practiced enough, then these online Tajweed classes will be very helpful for you.

If you see that you are perfect at reading Quran and have good knowledge of Tajweed, this online Tajweed course is a chance to meet one of our well-qualified Tajweed teachers to assure you recitation against mistakes and be ready to join the Tajweed Ijazah course.


Basic Arabic Level of reading

Since it is the basic Arabic course for beginners and kids, there is no any pre-requisitions required from students to join these basic Arabic classes. However, commitment, consistence and preserving are always needed for any success.

1 Memorize Quran Online with Tipyaan Hifz Classes
2 Memorize Quran Online with Tipyaan Hifz Classes
3 Memorize Quran Online with Tipyaan Hifz Classes
4 1 Memorize Quran Online with Tipyaan Hifz Classes

Online Quran Hifz features


Start with what is easy for you

Start with the best Quran for memorization

Regular review

Brief explanation of meanings and learned lessons

Suitable for beginners

Has a tailored version for kids and adults

Helps up to Perfection

Practice Tajweed rules

Qualifying you to join the Tajweed Ijazah course

Quran Hifz Course strategy

Listening and repeat after the teacher

Reading with the help of the teacher

Fluent recitation with Tajweed rules

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Course Curriculum

Our approach in this Quran memorization online classes suits everybody including kids and beginners, who cannot read Arabic, Adults, as well as ladies and sisters. We tailored for the student the Quran Memorization program and plan that he/she can continue with it, and achieve the aim of these Quran memorization online classes

Explaining best Quran memorization techniques

Special approaches for those who cannot read Arabic

Suitable for beginners

Practicing Tajweed rules

Observes individual differences

Takes into account motives, trends, gender, and age

Explaining areas of similarities

Keeping students of all ages engaged and interested

Course Strategy

This course is for you if you want to take your first step towards reading, writing, and having dialogue in Arabic. After this Arabic course, nothing will be between you and reading Quran fluently by yourself except knowing about Tajweed rules and practicing them.

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    This course is for you if you want to take your first step towards reading, writing, and having dialogue in Arabic. After this Arabic course, nothing will be between you and reading Quran fluently by yourself except knowing about Tajweed rules and practicing them.

    •          How can Quran Memorization Online classes benefit you?

    Quran Memorization Online classes is a new method of education in which modern communication mechanisms such as computers and the internet are used in Quran memorization online classes in the shortest time and with the least effort.

    Quran memorization online classes will help you to memorize Quran with proper tajweed rules through personalized online sessions to memorize the Quran in the perfect way.

    Although you can go to a mosque to memorize the Qur’an, there may be some obstacles that you feel in doing so. The first is that you won’t find memorizing easy with so many students. Also, a lack of proper attention from the teacher will make it difficult for you to memorize the Qur’an. That’s why you should start Quran memorization online classes.

    •          Quran Hifz Online:

    Quran Hifz online is one of the ways where students can memorize the whole Quran by heart. Your status in this life will be raised.

    Quran hifz course aims to help adults and Kids to hifz Quran online while learning the Tajweed Rules, and it be by attending Quran Memorization Online classes.

    •          Which steps you should follow for Quran memorization online?

    There are some techniques we should know before doing Quran memorization online to get perfection in Quran hifz classes.

    Quran memorization techniques:

    If you want to take advantage of Allah’s blessings, you should be in a position to receive them, and therefore, strive to achieve them and get the maximum benefit. Following are the best and most comprehensive Quran memorization techniques which you can follow to make the journey easier:

    1.       Be Sincere:

    The most important tip of all Quran memorization techniques is to make a sincere intention to learn the book of Allah SWT. When you intend to learn Quran, you must purify your intentions and objectives from learning.

    2.       Recite What You Have Memorized in Prayers:

    One of the best Quran memorization techniques ever followed is to recite what you have memorized in your daily prayers. Prayer is a special worship act that gets us closer to Allah SWT. You can further strengthen what you are learning into memory by reciting the memorized verses in the five daily prayers.

    3.       Listen to Quran Recitation:

    Listening to the different Quran recitations is a Quran memorization technique that helps in memorizing the verses. Listening to the same verses many times over will engrave them in your mind, and you will remember them quite easily.

    4.       Recite out loud and rehearse:

    A recent study from the University of Waterloo found that speaking texts aloud helps to get words into long-term memory.

    •          How long time I need to memorize Quran?

    Memorizing the Quran is a great achievement for any Muslim as long as his intention is pure for the sake of Allah and not to please other people or to show off.

    Average time to memorize Quran:

    Allah says in his book:

    “And indeed, we have made the Qur´an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?” (Al-Qamar, 17)

    Among the most important characteristics of the Holy Quran is the fluidity of style and ease of memorizing its words, average time to memorize Quran depends on the person’s ability and intention.

    According to studies, the average time to memorize the whole Quran is 1-5 years. Basically, the duration of memorization of the entire Quran depends on several factors as techniques and methods used in memorization, and the age of the person.

    How fast can you memorize Quran?

    The best possible short answer is that the Qur’an consists of 30 Juz and each Juz has approximately 20 pages. For average students, it takes 1 hour to memorize one page.

    So there are 20 * 30 = 600 pages total. Therefore, it is roughly estimated that an average student would need 600 hours to memorize.

    Memorize Quran in 6 months:

    Memorizing the Quran in 6 months is indeed a difficult task. However, it is not impossible. With the right strategy, you can memorize it in 6 months.

    Here is a way to memorize Quran in 6 months:

    The number of pages of the Quran is 604; Which means that if we want to memorize Quran in 6 months, we must memorize about 3 and a half pages every day; Let’s finish memorizing it in 180 days, taking into account the combination of memorization and revision to take root in memory.

    •          Is forgetting Quran after memorizing included a sin?

    Undoubtedly forgetfulness is something that is natural in man, and man is only called Insaan because of his forgetfulness (Nasiy).

    Forgetting Quran after memorizing because the Quran “escapes” from the heart if the Muslim does not constantly and regularly review what he has memorized of it.

    The reason for forgetting Quran after memorizing may be that it is a test of people’s hearts, to show the difference between the one whose heart is attached to the Quran and regularly recites it, and the one whose heart is attached to it only whilst memorizing it, then he loses interest and forgets it.

    The hadeeth narrated by al-Bukhaari from Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

    “The likeness of the one who memorizes the Quran is that of the owner of a hobbled camel. If he tends to it regularly, he will keep it, but if he lets it go, he will lose it.” (Al-Bukhaari, 5031).

    •          Is there any benefits of memorizing Quran?

    There is no doubt that there are many benefits of memorizing Quran, Allah rewards if a Muslim memorizes the Quran and acts his life according to the teaching of the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad said:

    “One who was devoted to the Qur’an will be told to recite, ascend and recite carefully as he recited carefully when he was in the world, for he will reach his abode when he comes to the last verse he recites.” [Al-Albani]

    The best deed ever that a person can do is to memorize the Quran, work with what it contains, implement what Allah has commanded, and stay away from what Allah has forbidden, and there are many benefits of memorizing Quran as:

    1. Since the Quran is the word of Allah Almighty when you memorize it, this will be the best you have ever done! The benefit of memorizing Quran will open all the doors of good for you.
    2. Benefit of memorizing Quran daily will be your companion at the dying moment!! It will be your defender and your intercessor at the time you are abandoned by the nearest people.
    3. The benefit of memorizing Quran is healing for physical and psychological diseases. If reading Al-Fatiha (The Opening) cures a patient if Allah permits.


    •          What is the best Dua for memorizing Quran?

    Here we mention dua for memorizing Quran:

    “O Allah, O Rahman, by Your glory and the light of Your Countenance, to make my heart constant in remembering Your Book as You taught me and grant me that I recite it in the manner that will make You pleased with me. O Allah, O Rahman, by Your glory and the light of Your Countenance, to enlighten my sight with Your Book, and make my tongue free with it, and to relieve with it my heart from all problems, and to expand my chest with it.

    “O Allaah, make the Qur’an the life of my heart, the light of my breast, a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety. O Allaah, teach us from it that which we do not know and remind us from it of that which we have forgotten, for you are the All-Hearing, All-Knowing.”

    The programs for Quran Memorization Online classes:


    Online Quran hifz program:

    It’s time to take a look at the course contents to know what you will learn and memorize in the online Quran hifz program:

    • You will start memorizing the Quran online as soon as you are able to read the Quran properly.
    • You will learn new verses.
    • You can memorize all or part of the Quran.
    • You will memorize the Holy Quran with Tajweed.


    Online memorization program:

    Online Quran memorization programs are divided into:

    Lesson: This part consists of a few new verses/verses that you are supposed to memorize each day, it depends on your schedule and memory.

    Review: This is the part that you memorized from the Qur’an so far, and you need to review it at the right time.

    Hifz program for adults:

    Our hifz program for adults is designed to help you:

    • If you are new in the field of Quran memorization and you have no idea how to do it and you are looking for a specialized Quran teacher who can help you memorize Quran online and make your Tajweed perfect as well.
    • If you memorized it but forgot.
    • If you cannot remember the Quran in long term.


    Hifz program for kids:

    The main objective of the hifz program for kids is to develop a love and respect for the Quran to the extent that the student loves memorizing, reciting, understanding, meditating, implementing, and spreading the message; or, in other words, make it a guidebook. He should treat it as a book closely related to his daily life and a book of success in this world and the hereafter.

    Hifz program for kids will help your child to memorize Quran at an early age in an easy way.

    Quran memorization course for kids aims to teach your child how to recite Quran in the right way.

    Memorize Quran classes for kids is designed to teach your child the correct Quran Tajweed.


    Hifz course for adults:

    The hifz course for adults aims to help you memorize the entire Quran in a step-by-step approach. With our online learning programs, you will review and hifz each lesson using your teacher’s guide.

    Quran hifz classes for ladies:

    This Quran hifz classes for ladies take you from which level you are and is supposed to build and improve what you know.

    Quran hifz classes for ladies will be guided by female teachers.

    Quran hifz classes for ladies are divided into:

    • Beginner: will start with the basic Arabic letters, vowels, learning to read & join words, and some basic Tajwid rules.
    • Intermediate: students will build upon the basic reading rules, and work on improving fluency, as well as continue learning the rules of tajweed at a higher level.
    • Advanced: students will learn more advanced rules of Tajwid, while also applying them in Hifz (memorization of the Quran).


    Intensive hifz course:

    Our Intensive hifz Quran course, when we memorize the Holy Quran, Allah opens our hearts for Quran memorization, he will remain in many blessings from Allah Almighty and he will not face any difficulties in his life for Quran memorization online if we memorize it. From here comes the step of memorizing the Qur’an on the Internet with ease.

    An intensive hifz Quran course depends on some steps:

    1. Hire the best Quran teacher For Quran Memorization.
    2. Register yourself in Qiratul Quran for Qualified Teachers & Qari,s.
    3. Memorize every single page daily (16 Lines Quran).
    4. Revise your previous memorization on a daily basis.
    5. Increase your new memorizing pages day by day according to your IQ level.


    •        Contents of online Quran memorization course:

    It is not difficult at all to attend the online Quran memorization course, as the teachers are specialized in this matter and make an excellent study schedule for memorizing the Qur’an online in record time and including:

    1. Take a certain amount of the Qur’an each day.
    2. Review what was memorized in previous lessons and new memory.
    3. Repeat all of the above so that the student can memorize the Qur’an in an excellent manner.


    •        Quran memorization chart:

    Quran memorization chart is indeed a tough task and needs well-structured planning.

    There is no hard and fast rule to be kept in mind while preparing the Quran memorization chart. One can easily make his Quran memorization chart according to his capability.

    Learning Quran with Tajweed Online would help you in this regard.

    To make your Quran memorization chart you should:

    • Choose a suitable time to learn Quran with Tajweed.
    • Every day read the new page, you should also read your old pages.
    • Try to learn Arabic.
    • Start from the end of the Qur’an: The ending of the Qur’an, also known as Juz Amma, is the easiest part, as most of the surahs are short.
    • Find learning techniques: For example, repeat the verse by looking at the Qur’an until you know it, then repeat it without looking a couple of times.
    • Stay in a quiet room.
    • Read your pages to someone.

    Keep in mind that memorizing the Quran with Tajweed is an act of worship that should be done with utmost care. We shouldn’t be in a hurry to memorize the whole Quran.

    •        Holy Quran for children’s learning and memorizing:

    Holy Quran for children’s learning and memorizing one of the best works that a person can do in order to be close to Allah is to memorize and study the Holy Quran, as the Prophet Muhammad said:

    “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it”   (Al-Bukhari).

    Muslims should know that the holy Quran for children’s learning and memorizing helps to brighten the child’s mind and guide him properly through his knowledge of the meanings of the Holy Quran and its interpretation.

    At tipyaan we provide our best comprehensive service to help your children learning and memorizing the holy Quran in addition to basic Islamic lessons will be teaching online at the Quran learning programs for kids.

    Memorize Quran online:

    It is not difficult at all to memorize Quran online, as the teachers are specialized in this matter and set an excellent study schedule for memorize Quran online in a record time.

    Memorize Quran online Goals:

    Our main goals from this online course are to let you to:

    Memorize Quran online in the correct way with the application of the Tajweed Rules.

    Learn the interpretation (Quran Tafseer) and meanings of the verses of the Quran.

    Learn the hadiths of the Prophet and the reasons for the revelation.

    Learn the benefits and virtues of memorize Quran online.


     Hifz classes for adults:

    This Hifz classes for adults is for those who struggle to correctly read and comprehend the holy Quran Tajweed or for People that are reading the Quran for the first time.

    Hifz classes for adults who are taking their first steps towards gaining more skills in reading, reciting, and comprehending Quran.

    At Hifz classes for adults you will learn the following:

    • Learn Tajweed Rules.
    • Quran Pronunciation in perfect way.
    • Learn Intonation (learn when to rise and fall of reading and how to pronounce or say the sound. Also learn when to slow down, and when to silence).
    • Reciting the Quran correctly with tajweed.
    • Memorize the whole Quran.
    • Interpretation of each surah and ayat.