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would you like to learn Quran meaning (tafseer Quran) online with expert teachers?

do you wish your children to understand Quran words, Quranic Ayat, and Quranic Surahs?

Learning meaning of Quran words for Kids online is the best Quran meaning course for your child.

Quran tafsir online for kids, best Quran tafsir in English, Quranic words meaning online learning, now is in between your hands with Tipyaan Academy

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Quran words meaning for Kids online

Learning the meaning of Quran words is essential for every Muslim. For Allah has revealed the Quran and made it as guidance and light. Quran is meant to be understood and applied, it was been sent to be a way of life, for it contains teachings, guidance, and preaching from Allah. The rank of those who recite and memorize the Quran is well-known, but it is prepared for those who used to act according to the Quran and make their life a real example for the meaning of Quran words. Recitation and memorization without understanding meaning of Quran words and putting them into practice are not accepted.

Knowing the meaning of Quran words always depend on the student’s age and level of understanding, and verses that touch his life. We at Tipyaan Academy are keen to let students always have an idea about what they are reading and memorizing.

About Learning meaning of Quran words Course

  • Explaining the meaning of Quran words, verses, and Surahs that students recite and memorize is a practice that is always associated with our activity class, we at Tipyaan Academy are always attentive to what students understand of the meanings of Quran words and what they put into practice at the actual life.
  • How to put the meaning of Quran words, verses, and Surahs and its learned lessons into practice in your actual life would be the teacher’s direction and approach while talking to students.
  • We need them to understand that Quran is for everyday actions and real life, that is why it is essential to know the meaning of Quran words

Students at Quran Tafseer course would be taught:

  • Translation and the meaning of Quran words.
  • Meaning of Quran verses.
  • The general meaning of Quran Surah (Chapters).
  • Occasions and context in which Quran words have been revealed.
  • Stories mentioned in the Quran and their learned lessons.
  • How to put what understood of the meaning of Quran words into practice.
  • The meaning of most used words in the Quran.
  • List of words in Quran with meaning.
  • Quranic vocabulary.

Why Quran Tafsir online with Tipyaan is special?

1- Simple and the general meaning of Quran words

Taking into consideration the age, response, and level of understanding of students, our teachers are always trying to give the simple meaning of Quran words that would be always easy for all to understand and let a general idea about the verse or surah kept in the mind of the student, advanced levels are always the deepest.

2- Focusing on the practical application of the learned meaning of Quran words

Our approach is always to try to translate the meaning of Quran words to be applied to real life. Our teacher always asks: what shall I do if I know the meaning of these Quranic words?

3- We choose out of the meaning of Quran words what Students urgently need

Teachers remain highly sensitive to the progress of students and what they need to know or practice.

4- Effective ways of teaching the meaning of Quran Words

While using the right way of teaching that differs from one student to the other according to his age, response, and level, teachers drive the steps of your child’s journey to get a better understanding of Quran meaning, love it, and adhere to it.

4- Specialized male and female tutors ready to teach Tafsir

All our teachers are at the highest level of training and proficiency. Teachers are males and females who are ready to make the full effort to provide the appropriate educational service for the child. Our teachers have been trained on effective methods to deal online with the child in all effectiveness. Teachers would teach children Tafsir in an easy and simple way.

5- Effective methods and different activities while teaching Quran meaning in English.

It is known that the traditional method, especially in the case of online education makes the child unmotivated and unable to learn, but depending on effective methods, the child will enjoy his lessons of Quran meaning in English and the communication will be effective because the classrooms have many different interactive activities that make the child is always focusing with the teacher.

6-learning tafsir with tipyaan academy makes your children more adhere to the Quran.

Quran tafsir online for kids, best Quran tafsir in English, Quranic words meaning online learning, now is in between your hands with tipyaan academy

Objectives of Quran Ayat Meaning Course

1. Letting students understand what they read and memorize the Quran Ayat Meaning.

2. Letting students know about Allah’s instructions and guidance from its basic source, through knowing Quran Ayat Meaning.

3. Taking Islamic faith, principles, Islamic teachings, and guidance by understanding the actual Quran Ayat Meaning that has a strong effect.

4. Explaining stories mentioned in the Quran and their learned lessons are included in the course of Quran Ayat Meaning.

5. Teaching students how to put Quran Ayat Meaning into practice.

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– Different Islamic studies courses like Fiqh, Hadith, Sirah, etc.

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Content of Understanding Quran Course

The Course of understanding Quran (tafsir Quran) is a program that is designed at different levels to meet the needs of students based on their age, aptitude, previous experience, and needs.

The Course of understanding Quran is divided into three basic levels, which are:

1- Beginner

2- Intermediate

3- Advanced

Each level of the understanding Quran course is brought in a thoughtful way, as content and educational service that is in line with the child are provided.


Understanding meaning of Quran words always comes first, even those who read and memorize Quran will not get their high rank except they work as per Quran meaning, and they will not be able to work according to Quran meaning except they know and understand what they are reading and memorizing.

It is said that every beginning is hard, however, we should start. We should start with an intention to get the ability to read Allah’s words, understand Quran meaning, and act according to what we understand from Quran. Surely Allah will give help as He the All-Mighty promise in His Book.

Learning the Qur’an is not limited to reading, memorizing, and loving it, but students should learn his religion through knowing the meaning of Quran words, understanding its teaching, and putting them into practice.

Prophet Mohammed was an actual example of the Quran as Lady Aisha, (may Allah be pleased with her) said when she was asked about the character of the Messenger of Allah, (May Allah exalt his mentioned), she replied: His character was the Qur’an. (Actual example for the teachings of the Quran).

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