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Quran has its proper way for recitation that Allah has revealed it with upon prophet Mohamed(peace and blessing be upon him).

This online tajweed course as theoretical rules and putting these rules in practice, under the supervision of our qualified Quran teachers.

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Learn Quran Tajweed Online | Tajweed classes | Online Quran recitation at Tipyaan academy 

Do you want to recite Quran in the proper way?

Do you want to improve your level of Quran recitation?

Do you want to apply the tajweed rules of the Quran in a correct way?

Do you wish for your child to learn to recite the Quran perfectly?

Are you still a beginner and want to learn to recite the Quran properly?

This best online Quran Tajweed course for you

It has been equipped and prepared to take you or your children from the beginning to the complete mastery stage of Quran recitation.

Who can join our Online Quran Recitation Course?

Online Quran recitation course is suitable for everyone who wants to improve his/her Quran recitation. If you are a very beginner at Quran recitation, do not worry, we will give you Introductory Quran Reading Classes. Our Quran-experienced tutors will give you the step-by-step guidance that will help you to learn to recite Quran properly, grammatically, and correctly. In these Introductory Quran Reading Classes, you will learn Noorani Qaida, Noor Al Bayan, Arabic Alphabets, Basics of Quran Recitation & TAJWEED rules, and Basic Arabic lessons.

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What is the importance of learning to read the Quran with Tajweed?

TAJWEED is the science of controlling and improving the Quran recitation, you learn how to recite the Quran and pronounce each Quranic Word and Letter correctly by articulating each letter from its proper origin of pronunciation accompanied by its stipulated attributes such as IDGHAM (merging), IQLAB (conversion), and MAAD (prolongation), etc. Although the theoretical rules of TAJWEED may be studied independently, their correct application and the proper pronunciation of the Quranic Letters can only be made by reading to, listening to, reciting to, and being corrected by Quran qualified and experienced tutors.

Therefore, TIPYAAN ACADEMY provides you with Quran-qualified and experienced teachers who take you from zero to the professional level in a short time.

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Quran Tajweed Course Objectives

1- Reach the student to the acceptable level of reading the Holy Quran.

2- Achieving the students’ advanced goals in the field of learning Quran recitation, such as the Quran recitation license “Ijazh” (Idjaza).

3- Theoretical learning and practical study of TAJWEED rules.

4- Full focus on the correct pronunciation of letters and words of the Holy Quran to reach the perfect recitation.

5-Students would  learn to read Quran beautifully like the famous shaikh 

6-Understanding and implementing the basic Tajweed rules to the recitation.

7-The ability to avoid all the common tajweed mistakes that some non-Arabs make when reciting the Quran.

At the end of this Quran tajweed course, you will be qualified to enroll in our online Quran ijazah program

Why tajweed classes with Tipyaan are special?

1- We at TIPYAAN ACADEMY put every effort into providing the best educational services, especially the best Quran tajweed online course to our students.

2-We provide specialized Male and Female Quran Teachers with the highest level of proficiency in the field of Quran teaching.

3-Tajweed Quran online course, age-appropriate, levels:

We have made levels of our online Tajweed course that suits all age groups starting from the age of 6 to pro-level.

our tajweed curriculum has been developed and designed to match different ages and different levels, Parents and students can further customize the curriculum according to their requirements.

The student or his parents can further customize the appropriate curriculum, where the desired level is determined by a specialist, and this provides a request for those who seek to start online tajweed classes from a particular level.

4-Our online Tajweed classes are full of activities, quizzes, and competitions:

Our online Tajweed classes are full of constructive interaction and activities that help the child or the student to increase attention in an attempt to reach the learner to the maximum benefit.
Also, the Tajweed lessons end with continuous tests and quizzes to evaluate the student’s performance and ensure that he passes the level with full understanding and also applies in a practical way.
Also, online Tajweed lessons contain competition between different groups, and the student may receive prizes and certificates of appreciation.

5-Online experts-professional Quran tajweed tutors:

All our Quran tajweed teachers have been tested and selected under certain criteria, including that the teacher has memorized the Quran and graduated from one of the World-Famous Islamic Universities such as Al-Azhar University and the Islamic University; and  Native-Arabs quranic teachers, our Quran tajweed instructors are experienced with motivation and dedication they maintain the interest level of student who learns tajweed online, our professional online tajweed teachers have an excellent level of English and being of a high level of ability to deal and interact with children online in an effective and enjoyable way.

6-Select your suitable online tajweed classes schedule 24\7 anytime will be available:

At TIPYAAN ACADEMY, we seek to provide the appropriate time for our students to do the Quran tajweed classes, with complete flexibility in determining their own schedule, Tipyaan has a big staff of quranic tajweed teachers who covered the whole time around the world, whatever you where Tipyaan could provide you with the online Quran teacher to teach you the Quran with tajweed course.

Choose your Quran tajweed teaching plan

7-Our online tajweed lessons prepared for the best online Quran recitation course:

Experts have developed our curricula (Tajweed lessons) in Quran teaching, which have proved effective and successful with our students.

our supervisors check the weekly lesson planners in the meeting with the teachers to make sure they are delivering the best online Tajweed classes. The resources to be used in the class are also checked in preparation to evaluate and send the weekly and monthly reports to the student’s parents.

8- All services that you seek in the fields of learning the Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies, whether for you or your children, will be provided to you by TIPYAAN ACADEMY at the highest level at the lowest cost.

9- At TIPYAAN ACADEMY, we also seek to let our students reach the level of understanding Quranic Arabic and speaking the Arabic language to reach an understanding of the quranic verses and meanings of the Quran.

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