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Memorizing Quran has a great virtue. Begin to memorize verses of the Quran based on suitable programs prepared by qualified teachers to help you according to your ability to memorize, your time etc.

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Memorize Quran with best Quran memorization online classes

Memorizing the Holy Quran depends on several criteria, and Techniques including the student’s absorptive capacity, perseverance, and continuity. Here, we must mention what did our Prophet Said in this point,

Narrated Ibn `Umar:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “The example of the person who knows the Quran by heart is like the owner of tied camels. If he keeps them tied, he will control them, but if he releases them, they will run away.”

Therefore, our plan for memorizing the Quran is to tighten its memorization, which is through continuous perseverance, effort, and sincerity of work.

A Plan to Memorize the Holy Quran

There are three plans for memorizing Quran, and they differ in different circumstances in order to suit the greatest number of circumstances.

1- Turtle’s Method for Quran memorization 

This is a method that we follow with children or with weak levels of memorization. This method is described by continuing to memorize small parts or a few verses in a continuous manner.

This is shown in the following table:


Class DurationNo. of Classes per WeekNo. of Classes per MonthPart of HIFZResultHIFZ of  the entire Quran
30 Minutes5 C\W20 C\M5 lines per classHIFZ  1  Juz’ per 5 monthsIn About 12 years


2- Kangaroo’s Method for Quran memorization 

This is the method we follow with the children whom having different activities that should be done in the day, therefore, in this method, we follow the kangaroo method of running, which is long steps at a slow rate. Where we give the student a relatively large portion to memorize at separate intervals. This is shown in the following table:


Class DurationNo. of Classes per WeekNo. of Classes per MonthPart of HIFZResultHIFZ of  the entire Quran
45 Minutes2 C\W8 C\M1 Page per classHIFZ  1  Juz’ per 3 monthsIn about 7 years


3- Camel’s method for Quran memorization 

We follow this method with students who have a medium ability to memorize, which is inspired by the method of running a camel. It is a relatively large step at a medium rate. This is shown in the following table:


Class DurationNo. of Classes per WeekNo. of Classes per MonthPart of HIFZResultHIFZ of  the entire Quran
30 Minutes4 C\W16 C\MHalf-page per classHIFZ  1  Juz’ per 2.5 monthsIn about 6 years


4-Horse’s Method for Quran memorization 

This plan we use with advanced levels that are able to memorize easily and in which the memorization is in a quick way as a horse runs, and it is shown in the following table:


Class DurationNo. of Classes per WeekNo. of Classes per MonthPart of HIFZResultHIFZ of  the entire Quran
45 Minutes5 C\W20 C\M1 page per classHIFZ  1  Juz’ per monthIn about 2 years


Note: All of these plans have been placed in a well-thought-out and tested manner.

The effective results of which appeared on the student on whom we applied these plans.

These plans also include an effective and continuous methods for Quran revision.

Why It Is Important to Memorize the Holy Quran?

First: The need to memorize the Holy Quran or Parts “Ajzā” of it is an integral part of the identity of a Muslim, as he needs to memorize a Part “Juz’” of the Holy Qur’an to read it during prayers.

Second: Memorizing the Holy Quran helps to strengthen the Arabic language in addition to working to strengthen the memory in a very good way, just as memorizing the Holy Qur’an in the hearts works to strengthen the Soul Faith for a Muslim, as well as contains light, reassurance, and tranquility, and it is only for those who memorize the Book of Allah.

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What Makes Our Quran Memorization Online Classes So Special?

First: What makes us special! it is that our memorization lessons go under disciplined plans and with a deliberate methodology that suits the different circumstances of students in terms of age, ability to memorize, preparation, and availability.

Second: We provide our students with experienced specialized teachers whose native Arabic speakers and who hold certificates of proficiency and memorization of the Holy Qur’an.

Third: We offer direct, one on one classes for the student online with the teacher. That provides the opportunity for the student to interact and benefit.

What Distinguishes Us?

1- We at TIPYAAN ACADEMY put every effort into providing the best educational services to our students.

2- We provide specialized Male and Female Teachers with the highest level of proficiency in the field.

3- All our teachers have been tested and selected under certain criteria, including that the teacher has memorized the Qur’an and graduated from one of the World-Famous Islamic Universities such as Al-Azhar University and the Islamic University; and that his native language is the Arabic Language. In addition to he has an excellent level of English and being of a high level of ability to deal and interact with children in an effective and enjoyable way.

4- At TIPYAAN ACADEMY, we seek to provide the appropriate time for our students to do the classes, with complete flexibility in determining their own schedule.

5- Our curricula have been developed by experts in the field, which have proved effective and successful with our students.

6- All services that you seek in the fields of learning the Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies, whether for you or your children, will be provided to you by TIPYAAN ACADEMY at the highest level and at the lowest cost.

7- At TIPYAAN ACADEMY, we also seek to let our students reach the level of understanding and speaking the Arabic language to reach an understanding of the verses and meanings of the Qur’an.

8- with  TIPYAAN ACADEMY you will not only memorize the Quran but you will learn all fields related to the Quran like Quran recitation with tajweed, Arabic to understanding Quran, Norania Qaida For beginners, and also Quran ijazah for advanced learners.

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