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If you already memorize the Quran or parts of it and have an idea about its theoretical rules, but hope to achieve a high level of perfection with memorizing (Hifz), that enables you to teach Quran as well to others, Quran ijazah program is designed for you.

Qualified Quran teachers (Shikhs) having chains (Sanad) back to prophet Mohammed will accompany you in your journey with Quran and its Tajweed rules till the point that you get Recitation Quran Ijazah Certificate.

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Online Course for Quran ijazah

what is Quran ijazah meaning?

Ijazah in Quran memorization with a reliable chain of noble teachers that go back to Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ) back to angle Jebreel who received the Quran from Allah, the Almighty is the outcome of the online course for Quran ijazah, what pride and responsibility is it.

About the Quran ijazah online Course

Quran ijazah is designed for those who have already studied Tajweed rules and practiced them for a period of time. In Quran ijazah course, one will recite all the Quran either from the Book or memory, before a highly-qualified Quran teacher who is talented in picking the tiny mistakes, correcting them, and explaining its rules. The teacher would explain the rules of Tajweed again for students with some details and a deeper explanation. In the end, the student would be a unit of chain traced back to Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ).

Students can take ijazah Certificates in one or more of the Ten Qirat (Way of recitation) of the Quran. The term Qirat refers to one of the authentic ways by which Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ) recited the Quran.

  1. Asim bin Abi Al-Nujud Al-Asadi Al-Kufi
  2. Nafeh bin Abdul Rahman bin Abi Naim Al-Madani
  3. Abdullah bin Kathir Al-Dari Al-Makki
  4. Abu Amr bin Al-Ala Al-Basri
  5. Abdullah bin Amer Al Yahsabi Al Shami
  6. Hamza bin Habib Al-Zayat Al-Kufi
  7. Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Hamza al-Kisa’i al-Kufi
  8. Abu Jaafar Yazid bin al-Qaqa` al-Madani
  9. Ya`qub ibn Ishaq al-Hadrami al-Basri
  10. Khalaf bin Hisham

When studying any way of Quran recitations, we give the student a chance to”

  • Get a chain going back to Prophet Mohamed(ﷺ)
  • Get deep knowledge about Quran recitation
  • Be fluent in Quran recitation
  • Get permission to teach Quran
  • Be a qualified and reliable teacher
  • Get an idea of how to teach Tajweed rules and how to let your student put them into practice


To join Ijazah Program a student should first complete our Quran recitation Course or he himself has memorized the whole Quran. Students also have to master the rules of Tajweed before beginning the Quran Ijazah Program.

At the Free assessment class, our expert Sheikhs will test students to determine if they are ready to start their Ijazah journey. 

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Why is the Online Course for Ijaza in Quran with Tipyaan special?

  1. At the Online Course for Ijaza in Quran, you will meet Quailed Quran teachers with a short-chain of Quran Certificate, short chains to Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ).
  2. Teachers are attentive to letting students understand the meaning of verses and have an idea about their topics.
  3. Teachers make sure to totally understand theoretical rules and their applications.
  4. Teachers focus on ways and approaches of teaching the Quran as well.
  5. Teachers prepare their students to be Quran teachers.
  6. Our approach is always to try to translate Qur’anic verses’ meaning to be applied to real life. Our teacher always asks: what shall I do if I know that?
  7. All our Quran teachers are at the highest level of training and proficiency. Males and female Teachers leading the Online Course for Ijaza in Quran are highly qualified and ready to make the full effort to provide the appropriate educational service for students till they are qualified to have the authentic Quran Ijaza. Our teachers have been trained on effective methods to deal online with students in all effectiveness.

Quran Certification Course objectives

  1. Quran Certification Course includes giving a deep understanding of Tajweed rules.
  2. Quran Certification Course includes training for the perfect application for Tajweed while reciting Quran.
  3. Quran Certification Course includes short chains going back to Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ).
  4. Quran Certification Course includes preparing students to be well-Qualified Quran teachers.
  5. Quran Certification Course includes having an idea about the Quran ayat meaning.
  6. Quran Certification Course includes having an idea about common tajweed mistakes, to avoid common mistakes of Quran recitation

With Tipyaan students may also study:

  1. Different Islamic studies like Fiqh, Hadith, Sirah, etc.

  2. Arabic learning to understand Quran directly by themselves.

  3. Arabic conversation lessons with native Arabic speakers.

When you are ready to start Quran ijazah online Course 

This course is designed basically for the advanced learner or those who study advanced Tajweed rules and them into practice for a period of time, and they are ready to get their certificate of specialization.

In Quran ijazah, students will study:


  • What pride and responsibility it is to have an authentic certificate with a chain that goes back to Prophet Mohammed –May Allah exalt his mention – through noble and respected Quran teachers. However, one should know and act according to the Quran if he wants to be raised high and be one of the people of the Quran who are the special people of Allah.
  • It is said that every beginning is hard, however, we should start. We should start with the intention to get the ability to read Allah’s word, understand it, work according to it. Surely Allah will give help as He the All-Mighty promise in His Book.
  • Learning the Quran is not limited to reading, memorizing, and loving it, but students must learn their religion from the Quran, understand Quran teachings, and put them into practice.
  • Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ) was an actual example of the Quran as Lady Aisha, (may Allah be pleased with her) said when she was asked about the character of the Messenger of Allah, (May Allah exalt his mentioned), she replied: His character was the Quran. (Actual example for the teachings of the Quran).

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