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In Online Quran Classes for Kids, we focus on the Quran recitation practically without stressing heavily on the theoretical Quranic rules, online Quran course is designed for beginner students who are not able yet to take theoretical rules. Also, we are focusing on the Quranic benefits, Quran learning, and Quranic lessons which are important for all Muslim learners.

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Learn the Quran online with Tipyaan Academy | Best Online Quran Classes for Kids 

Learning the Quran is a noble act for any Muslim. It gives you wisdom and knowledge about different aspects of life and brings you closer to the Almighty. If you recite the Quran with a clean heart, it will become proof of your good deeds on the Day of Judgment. That’s why there’s no such thing as the right time to start taking Quran classes. This is something that must be started from the early years of life.

At Tipyaan Academy, we help children and adults with online Quran lessons that are easy to grasp and comprehend. We start with the basics of classical Arabic and let you learn the provisions of recitation and the essential rules you must follow.

Online Quran classes that take you from the very beginning to recitation

The Quran is the word of Allah. The meaning it carries and the construct it has are unmatchable. It is your religious duty to read this book and try to understand what it conveys. Doing that with our Quran course for kids and adults is rewarding for you religiously and ideal if you want to:

  • Get further on your journey. The Quran is a source of guidance for the entire mankind. The purpose behind reading and understanding the Quran is to get out of the darkness and find direction in life. There’s a solution to every problem in this holy book.

  • Learn about Islam. You can’t be a true follower unless you know your religion. Ever since the Quran was revealed to the world, nothing has been removed or added to the book. It tells you all about Islam in depth!

  • Get closer to the Lord. As you recite the Quran, you get closer to Allah Almighty. The Quran is the actual words of Allah, and the people of the Quran are the special people of Allah. 

  • Earn a place in paradise. The Quran will be your intercessor on the Day of Judgment. Whoever puts in the effort to recite the verses of the Quran and act upon their teachings will find themselves heading towards paradise. And whoever ignores it is away from the Mercy of Allah.

  • Purify the heart. Reciting the Quran purifies your heart and clears it off from any toxic feeling. Those who believe in mercy and guidance will be relieved of theirs. 

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What’s included in our Quran learning course?

It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with the Arabic language or not. When you study the Quran online with Tipyaan Academy, you’re all set to enjoy an understandable learning experience. Our courses include everything from basic pronunciation and Tajweed rules to Quran memorization and Ayat comprehension.

Our native Arab tutors have the highest proficiency level in delivering Quranic lessons. We also conduct interactive sessions for a better understanding of letters, pronunciation, and recitation. 

You can register for free trial classes on our Quran learning website and select the most suitable course for your level. Our pricing ensures anyone can gain value from our courses and reap the benefits in life and hereafter!

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