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Noorani Qaida is the first step to start learning the Quran.

Its online classes are prepared for beginners who seek to recite the Quran properly and beautifully, it’s a journey that starts with Arabic alif, baa, taa to the level of Quran recitation mastery.

Start now and learn Quran online with Shikh from the source.

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Quran recitation Online Course for beginners

To be a non-Arabic Muslim who needs to recite Quran eloquently and easily no longer becomes an issue. With Norani Qaida provided by the online Arabic teachers in Tipyaan academy, you would be taken from learning Arabic Alif, Baa, Taa level to that level that you may start reading Quran words. In that journey, student power of motivation should be taken from the high rank that Allah prepared for those who are eloquent in the Quran recitation, while the teacher power should be driven by the high position for those who teach people well, especially the words of Quran.

About Norani Qaida Course

Muslim concern for the Quran and its branches of knowledge was great and serious throughout all the Islamic eras. It was the mercy of Allah to support one of the Indian scholars to evaluate an approach called “Norani Qaida” for teaching and learning the language of the Quran, especially for kids and non-Arabs. This approach is called Norani Qaida after its author went through various stages of development during the time in order to suit and be effective.

For our work in this course and firstly, the student is evaluated at the early first trial session with a qualified Arabic teacher in order to put a suitable plan.

Based on the student’s level, response, and ability to practice, the teacher would drive the move of that journey through Norani Qaida lessons in order to achieve the greatest progress in the shortest time possible.

How Norani Qaida helps in learning Arabic Alphabet online

  • Norani Qaida is an easy way to learn the Arabic alphabet online. It put you on the actual first step to read the Quran words since it is designed for teaching Quran recitation. Norani Qaida is using Quran words and way of typing as its examples.
  • Tippyan academy is attentive to letting students pronounce Arabic Alphabetproperly from the start even without knowing the exact articulation points.
  • Norani Qaida helps children get attached to reading Arabic Alphabet, especially the Quran words.

Norani Qaida lessons 

Norani Qaida Lesson 1:

Students would be taught the Arabic alphabet, by repeating with the teacher with a unified rhythm, until they are firmly established in the students’ minds.

Norani Qaida Lesson 2:

Students would be taught the compound letters of the Arabic alphabet, their forms, and sounds, and trained to pronounce them correctly.

Norani Qaida Lesson 3:

The teacher trains the students how to pronounce separated letters that are mentioned at the start of some Surahs of the Quran, not to pronounce them as words.

Norani Qaida Lesson 4:

The teacher begins to teach students the Arabic movements and trains them with the three movements Fatha, Kasra, and Damma.

Norani Qaida Lesson 5:

The teacher begins to teach the children the Arabic alphabet with Tanween with its three kinds, Tanween with Fatha, Kasra, and with Damma.

Norani Qaida Lesson 6:

In this lesson, teachers train the students to pronounce Arabic words containing letters with movements and Tanween.

Norani Qaida Lesson 7:

Students would come to know about the small Alif Madd, the small Waw Madd, and the small Yaa Madd, that are used in writing Quran words.

Norani Qaida Lesson 8:

Students would be taught and trained for pronouncing Madd letters and Leen letters.

Norani Qaida Lesson 9:

Extra and more advanced practicing for Madd letters, Leen letters, and Tanween.

Norani Qaida Lesson 10:

Students would come to know about Sukoon, its meaning, and how to pronounce letters with it.

those were the basic lessons that should be passed, after this the student will be able to recognize the Quranic Arabic words easily 

Later with Tipyaan students would learn online:

  • Students would learn online the basic provisions necessary for correct reading, such as the provisions of the noon Sakinah, the Noon and Meem Mushadada, and the method of continuous reading of the Quranic verse.
  • Students would learn online the meanings of some Quranic verses basic for building their Islamic faith.
  • Students would learn online some of the benefits and lessons learned from the surah, which are important to be known and put into practice.
  • Students would memorize the Quran according to their comprehension and ability to memorize, starting with the short Surahs.
  • Students would be trained for Quran recitation by the way of chanting with a sweet voice.

Norani Qaida Course objectives

  1. Norani Qaida course would take students from the first early steps of Arabic Alphabet in an approach that is directly pointed to read the Quran easily and eloquently, based on student age, response, and level.
  2. Students would be learned with Norani Qaida the Quran letters, their different forms, and how to pronounce them correctly.
  3. Norani Qaida’s course would teach students the principles and basics of the Arabic language, such as short and long movements, and how to apply them to the Quranic words.
  4. With Norani Qaida students would be familiar with the way of typing Quran words.
  5. With Norani Qaida students would practice reading actual words mentioned in the Quran in preparation for reading from Quran itself.

Why Studying Norani Qaida with Tipyaan Special?

1- Student-needed topics and ways of teaching

Teachers remain highly sensitive to the progress of students and what they need to know or practice. While using the right way of teaching that differs from one student to the other according to his age, response, and level, teachers drive the stages of your child’s journey through Norani Qaida to start reading Quran words easily and eloquently.

2- Specialized male and female tutors

All our teachers are at the highest level of training and proficiency, males and females who are ready to make the full effort to provide the appropriate educational service for the child, as our teacher has been trained on effective methods to teach Norani Qaida online in high effectiveness.

Norani Qaida female teacher

3- Effective methods and a variety of activities

It is known that the traditional method, especially in the case of online teaching makes the child unmotivated and unable to learn. However, depending on effective methods, the child will enjoy his Norani Qaida lessons. Communication will be effective since the classrooms have many different interactive activities that make the child is always focusing on the teacher.

4-Numerous examples

Teachers are keen to let students practice as much as examples they can both in the class and like homework. Norani Qaida provides examples which are actual words, phrases, and verses from the Quran, and it mainly would be in the same typing of the Quran, that is in order to let students be increasingly familiar with the Quran and its recitation.

Norani Qaida Course levels

Norani Qaida course is designed basically for the beginners or those who have not known about Arabic Alphabet before, to help them draw their first steps to read Quran words, starting with Alif, Baa, and Taa.

quran norani qaida


It is said that every beginning is hard, however, we should start. Start with the intention to get the ability to read Allah’s word, understand it, work according to it. Surely Allah will give help as He the All-Mighty promise in His Book. Norani Qaida’s course with Tipyaan Academy is a strong chance for you and your children to take the first stable steps towards that great aim.

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