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Online Quran memorization program continues for 30mins maximum for each session and can be repeated daily. It aims to devout time for memorize Quran with the help of the teachers. It is designed for those who may find some difficulties to memorize Quran by themselves, or to dedicate time for Quran memorization.

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Memorize Quran with your Teacher in Live Class with Tipyaan academy

Memorize Quran has a great virtue that makes every Muslim keen to achieve it or even parts of it. In the Quran online memorization course, we provide special help for those young children or even adults who cannot memorize except with help (Quran memorization tutor and Quran hifz programs).

Best Online Quran Hifz for kids & adults

Quran hifz is not limited to young children who cannot read. However, even adults or elder students can benefit from our Quran memorization programs. For it helps them to memorize Quran in the class with the help of the teacher. Moreover, it helps them to devote that time to memorizing Quran.

Hifz Quran classes for juniors strategy 

Quran tutor for young age in the Quran hifz class would start to repeat the Quran verse a word by a word till the student can say it properly and memorize it perfectly.

how long does it take to memorize the Quran?

Mostly, our students have accomplished the whole Quran hifz and become a Quran hafiz in between 2 to 6 years.

So, how long to memorize the Quran or part of it varies depending on several criteria, the most important of which are the Quran practicing time spend, the student’s ability, determination, the number of Quran classes per week, student’s willingness to memorize the Quran, the Quran memorization program followed by the student, and the regularity of the student on the Quran memorizing. 

Hifz Quran benefits 

  • Highest level of Jannah for Quran hafiz.

  • Memorizing Quran Saves from Hill-Fire.

  • Memorize Alquran and Be one of the People of Allah. 

  • Double rewards for those who have difficulties in Quran memorization.

  • The highest honor for hafiz’s parents.

  • Save from the temptation of the DAJJAL

Memorizing Quran contributes to strengthening:

  • It works on clarity of mind and strengthens memory.

  • It achieves peace and psychological stability.

  • Contributes to creating unspeakable joy and overwhelming happiness. 

  • It enhances the strength of the Arabic language, logic, and mastery of rhetoric.

  • Contributes to the ability to build better social relationships and gain people’s trust.

  • Memorizing the Quran in childhood helps to: Treat chronic diseases that a person suffers from.

  • It develops awareness, comprehension, and understanding.

  • Memorizing the Quran in childhood leads to a sense of strength, psychological calm, and stability.

    Read more about Quran hifz benefits and virtues from here

best quran hifz

About Quran Hifz online service with Tipyaan academy 

  1. We at Tipyaan Quran academy do our best to have our students memorize the Quran, and we offer every encouragement and support to get more Quran hafiz.
  2. Tipyaan offers the best online Quran tutors, the most experienced, male and female, and we provide them with training to make the Quran classes go smoothly and interactively.
  3. We provide Quran Appreciation Certificates to motivate and encourage students to maintain the holy Quran memorization.
  4. We do a regular Quran memorization contest among the students of the academy and give the winners special prizes.
  5. We continually develop and improve the Quran hifz learning online classes to be more effective for the students and Quran teachers by offering them lessons on Quran interpretation, Quran verses meaning, and Quran suras Tafseer to facilitate memorization of the Quran.

How does Quran memorization going in the class?

Quran hifz program

The Quran teacher always has something different for every student that may facilitate his memorization. That depends on the student’s ability and aptitude.

Following are the basic and general steps applied during the Quran hifz online classes:

  1. Dividing the Quran verse into small parties would be easy to be repeated by students, as dividing the quranic word into syllables in the case of young children who cannot read the Quran.
  1. Repeating the part of the Quran verse before the student until he can say it easily.
  2. Letting the student repeat the part of the verse until he can recite it from memory.
  3. Letting the student repeat the part of the verse from memory.
  4. Moving to the next part to re-apply the same above-mentioned steps.
  5. Repeating the first and the second parts of the verse after the teacher if students were young, or reading them by themselves if they can read.
  6. Repeating the first two parties of the verse from memory enough times.

Quran hifz Weekly Plan:

  1. Continuous revision of what is memorized in the previous class.
  2. the last day of the week has revision for all that is memorized during the week.

Quran memorizing Monthly Plan:

the last few days of the month are devoted to a thorough revision of all that is memorized during the month.

Three-Month Quran memorization Plan:

We planned to save a week every three months for an entire revision for all that is memorized by the student during the last three months.

Hifz Quran plan is well-tailored for every student:

As it is clear, this approach shows great flexibility to have changes in order to suit every individual case of students.

The final plan for hifz Quran online would be drawn by the teacher with the help of the student themselves or their parents.

Who can benefit from an online Quran memorization course

  • Children that cannot read Quran and wants to memorize Quran.
  • Parents who do not know how to help their children memorize Quran and to be hafiz.
  • Elder people do not know the right way to memorize Quran.
  • Elder people who can devote specific time to memorizing Quran.
  • Everyone, who wishes the pleasings of Allah by memorizing the Quran.

Quran hifz Monthly report

Tipyaan sees it as critically important to let parents always have updated information about the path and progress of the teaching operation, for it helps us so much in our work.

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