Learning Arabic to understand Quran


This course is for those who wish to learn the four skills of the Arabic language. Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are being trained so that you can take a large step toward understanding the basic meanings of the Quran by yourself and communicate easily with native speakers.



Learn Arabic to understand the Quran: It’s all about language 

Back in the 7th century, the Muslim world witnessed the blessing as the Holy Book was revealed. Since then, the Quran has been translated into multiple languages, but only Classical Arabic conveys a meaning that is not distorted. With genuine comprehension in mind, Tipyaan Academy has started this Quranic Arabic course to bring all Muslims on the same page as they seek guidance, direction, and connection to the Lord.

If you’re a Muslim, but Arabic is not your native language, be sure to sign up for this online Arabic course. We realize it may seem that the Quran-specific wording is impossible to follow for learners like you. However, when you learn to understand the Quran in the source language step by step, the doctrines are easier to grasp. We’ll walk you through each verse so that you can soak up the holy teaching.

The learning method behind this Quranic Arabic language course

At Tipyaan Academy, each student moves along with a dedicated teacher. This is especially important when learning Quranic Arabic. With personalized supervision, you can enjoy more time learning in an assisted manner and less time waiting until your teacher is available. The added convenience of online classes makes it even easier as you aren’t stressed out over getting to a classroom or planning your lessons.

Gradual learning is what we focus on during this course. This method has proved its worth for Quranic Arabic learners with different levels of Arabic language mastery. Gradual learning implies several learning stages:

  • Reading in Arabic
  • Acquiring pronunciation skills
  • Improving your Arabic accent
  • Learning Quranic Arabic

Our method involves practical guidance through Arabic grammar and vocabulary. You’ll then learn to transfer these skills and knowledge to Quranic Arabic while getting to grips with the words, phrases, and terminology most commonly encountered in the Holy Book.

As you learn Quranic Arabic online at Tipyaan Academy, you’ll also acquire some Quranic Arabic translation skills. These are best harnessed when reading and grasping the meaning behind Quranic verses. Your teacher will help you with the most powerful verses to make sure you can understand even subtle wording.

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Whether you want to expand your Arabic vocabulary, improve your accent, or are just tired of exploring useless options on how to learn Arabic for the Quran, sign up for this course! It’s internationally available for all Muslims.

Arabic Quranic learning

What will the student learn in Quranic Arabic classes?

1-Arabic learning:

In the Arabic learning stage, the student will learn advanced Arabic pronunciation in order to improve the Arabic accent and pronunciation.

2-Arabic meaning:

The student begins to learn commonly used Arabic words, terms, adjectives, and nouns.

4-Arabic grammar:

The student will learn about the main basics of Arabic grammar in order to understand its structure.

Arabic grammar lessons include:

  • Parts of Speech – Noun, Verb, Harf
  • Al I’raab & Al Bina’
  • Arabic forms and structure
  • The definite and the indefinite
  • Singular, Dual, and plural
  • Sound Plural and Broken Plural
  • Pronouns, Possessive, Demonstrative, relative, interrogative
  • Al I’raab & Al Bina’
  • Nouns types
  • The Sentence, Nominal and verbal
  • Al Mubtada’ & Al Khabar
  • Verbs, Past, Present & Command
  • Active, Passive
  • Verbs types
  • The command verb

5-Quranic meaning:

At the Quranic meaning stage, the meanings of Arabic words are linked to the meanings of the Quranic words, as the student learns many Quranic vocabularies in Arabic.

5-Quran understanding:

At Quran understanding stage, what was studied in the previous stages will be applied to verses from the Quran, targeting the intended meaning of the Quranic verse.

This applies to Quranic verses which are easy and clear in meaning, unlike verses that carry rhetorical meanings.

6-Quran in rhetorical meanings:

This is an advanced stage of learning Arabic to understand Quran.

This is an advanced stage of learning Arabic to understand the Quran.

At this stage, the rhetorical meaning of the Quranic verse will be simulated and deepened in understanding its meaning.

As the Quran is full of deep aesthetic meanings.

At the end of the Arabic Quran Course:

  1. Students have the ability to read, write and make conversation.
  2.  Ability to recognize most of the Quranic Arabic words, able to understand Quran verses.
  3. Ability to communicate with Arabs around the world.
  4. Ability to understand our prophet Mohammad Sunnah.
  5. Ability to start to learn about Islamic studies aspects from Arabic sources.

Why quranic Arabic online course special with Tipyaan academy?

1- We at Tipyaan Academy put every effort into providing the best educational services to our students.

2- Tipyaan provides you with native-professional-tutor one-to-one online classes and customized materials that have been prepared by experts in the field of Arabic teaching, which have proven effective and successful with our students.

3-We offer you an integrated plan and a comprehensive program that takes you from the beginning to the level of understanding Quran Ayat in Arabic.

4- Our Arabic Quranic classes are full of interaction between the teacher and the student, which motivates the full benefit of the class and crosses the barrier of distance between them.

5-ALL of our teacher’s staff are Arabic native speakers who graduated from the biggest Islamic university around the world, and they are advanced in English so you can learn Arabic with your own language without difficulties.

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