Learn Islam online through Islamic history and Quran stories


Learning from stories has great benefits especially if it was the stories of the Quran

In the Islamic history online course, we focus on teaching the Quranic values, Islamic virtues, and etiquettes through Quran stories.

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Best Quran stories online learning for kids | Islamic history studies for children | Tipyaan academy

Islamic history and Quran stories are full of moral values, teachings, and prayers. These values guard believers against evil and wrongdoing.
If Muslim kids have good moral values, they would not gain success in the world only, but they would be in a high position before Allah on the Day of Judgment. 

Story learning is known to be one of the most effective ways for children. Quran is full of Islamic history and lessons that children should learn.

So Tipyaan Academy provides you with one of our special online courses to let our children learn Quran through stories.

Quran stories online classes for kids are special at Tipyaan academy?

Why should study Islamic history at Tipyaan academy?

  1. Quran stories classes for kids course is one of our distinguished online Islamic learning courses ever.
  2. Tipyaan has male and female teachers who have high experience in Quran learning and the ability to interact with children.
  3. Continuous monitoring of the performance of the students and teachers in class and ensuring that the student receives the Quranic story with full understanding.
  4. there are more than 100 amazing Quran stories for children, covering the important values and ethics which delivers from Islamic history.
  5. In the storytelling course of the Quran, we offer children a wonderful and enjoyable online learning service beyond traditional poor learning.
  6. In Islamic history teaching online classes, your children will learn the basics of the Islamic faith, due worship, etiquette, good dealing, and lessons from previous events mentioned in the Quranic stories where we seek to give the student a great and effective content to apply in his life and build his proper Islamic character.
  7. we give 1 to-1 (only one student with the teacher) online classes to learn Quran stories in a quiet atmosphere or in group sessions with friends or relatives to enjoy the learning together.
  8. We run continuous tests for students and give them certificates of appreciation to encourage them to learn the Quran Qasas and to require them to review continuously what has been learned.
  9. We provide continuous support to parents and help them to raise their children with proper Islamic education.
  10. We offer many other important Islamic courses for children online such as Quran learning for kids, Quran Tafseer for kids, Arabic basic to read the Quran, dhikr and dua online course, Islamic studies online for kids, and more.

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What is in the Quran stories course? what will the student learn?

The Quran is known to be filled with stories of the prophets and the previous nations and important historical events, which seek to clarify a certain principle of Islam or to establish a certain understanding of the fundamentals of Islam.

We collected the most important of these Quran stories and the concepts and values that fit children of different ages. some of which:

  • the prophet Adam’s story and the being of human creation.
  • the prophet NUh and the great ark.
  • Study of Islamic history.
  • the prophet hud and the city of IRAM 
  • the prophet Salih and the people of Thamud with the she-camel.
  • the prophet Ibrahim and his son, the miracle of ZAMZAM, and the great sacrifice.
  • the prophet Lut and the evildoers. 
  • the prophet Yosef and his jealous brothers.
  • the prophet Ayyub and his patience.
  • prophet Musa with Pheron and the cow of Bani Israel.
  • the prophet Suliman and the queen of Saba.
  • the prophet Isa and the miracles of Allah.
  • the prophet Mohammed and his great biography.
  • more other Quran stories like Dhulqarnyn, the great iron wall of Ya’juj and Ma’juj, Luqman the wise, and much more.

Don’t stop and keep your kids studying Islam from Quran stories and Islamic history.

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