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Prophet Mohamed ﷺ  has taught us remembering Allah in every and each situation or action we have during our day. Sleeping, eating, going out, visiting others, etc. has a special Du’a taught by the prophet. This course is designed to teach the everyday Du’a we have learnt from Prophet Mohammed, and their meaning and practice.



Dhikr and Dua for kids online learning 

 Dhikr meaning?

Dhikr is one of the easiest and best acts of worship ever, as it is not restricted to a specific place, time, or circumstance
The word dhikr comes from the verb “Dhakara”, which means to remember,
Dhikr means remembrance
And the remembrance of Allah means remembering him in all circumstances and with specific formulas and sayings.

Mentioning and praising Allah is one of
the simple forms of worship that one does not
find trouble in practice. It lends itself well to
the worshipper whatever the circumstances might
be. Yet the reward for it is great.

Abu d-Dardrfl’ said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
‘Should I not tell you of the best of what you can
do, the highest in the view of your King, the
loftiest of status, better to you than spending
gold and silver and better to you than meets
your enemy, striking their necks and getting
struck on the necks by them’?’ They said: ‘Yes,
0 Messenger of Allah’. He said: ‘Mentioning

Dhikr and Dua

There is no doubt that the dhikr is one of the most important acts of worship in the life of a Muslim.
Just as “Dua” supplication is the brain of worship, there is no worship without supplication.
Hence, it was incumbent upon every Muslim to learn dhikr that he should say in the morning and evening and understand their meaning and intended meaning so that he could sense them and make them an essential thing in his life.
And supplication “Dua”, as the Messenger of Allah taught us, is that we ask Allah in all matters, the easy and the difficult, and that we cling to Allah and that our whole life is in worship.

What will the child learn in Dhikr and Dua course?

By the end of this session the child will learn:
1- why he should remember Allah
2- Why should we pray to God in all things?
3- How can you supplicate to God with the best supplication?
4- How can you remember God with the best kind of remembrance?
5-  how to glorify Allah Almighty, how to praise Him, how to be satisfied with His decree, and how to worship Him with the right to worship Him.
6- He will learn the meaning of the supplication with which he supplicates to God so that it will not be like incomprehensible chants
7- will learn the famous supplications “dua” and the well-known remembrances “Dhikr” that using in the daily life
8- He will learn most of the prophet Mohammad ﷺ  hadiths and Quranic verses that came in this intention from supplications and remembrances.

Why are dhikr and dua important and should children learn them?

1- Parents should inculcate the Islamic faith in the minds of their children from a young age, and supplication and remembrance are among the most important chapters of the faith.
2 – Teaching children the meaning of the supplication they recite is very important because there is no religion for someone who does not understand what he is saying.
3- Bringing up children a sound upbringing on the approach of prophethood.
4- Applying the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and teaching children how important it is in our lives.

5-the student will learn more than 240 authentic supplications from Quran and Sunnah.


Dhikr and Du'a learning

Why Dhikr and Dua is special with Tipyaan academy?

1- Tipyaan offers online one-to-one live classes directly with the child.
2- Tipyaan Academy has a well-studied and effective plan for teaching children online.
3- We have Teachers at the highest level of experience and skills to teach the children effectively.
4- We have distinguished curricula that were developed with good standards and under the supervision of Sheikhs, professors who specialize in the field of da’wah
5- We offer interesting interactive classes with the child so that he can benefit the most from the lesson.
6- We offer two free classes to test and simulate the child, and also until the child and his guardian are satisfied with the service.
7- We offer the best online educational service at the lowest cost.

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