Clips and Events

Clips and Events

These are some videos of some of our live classes, meetings, events and educational courses. These videos may help you if you want to have an idea about how the educational process works at Tipyaan.
The videos show the effective interaction between the teacher and students in the class.
Where this page have been created specifically for those who want to take a simple overview of how the educational process works at the Academy, where excerpts from the events, chapters, important events, educational clips and simple training courses are uploaded.
Surly these videos would be under the study by our educational experts to have discussion with teacher about any weakness points and to improve positive points.

Promo Video

NOON Sakinh - Tajweed Class

Surat Al-Fatiha

Allah is Rahman Rheem

Learn and Enjoy Arabic

The Heavy Letters

Islamic Studies

A Quran Teaching Clip