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Norani Qaida … Your Way to start Reciting the Quran

Enjoyable for kids … Suitable for beginners
These online Norani Qaida course aim to:

The foundation of learning the Quran.

Can help increase your fluency.

Learn joint Arabic letters or compound letters.

Reading correctly pronounce the Quranic words.

Pronounce the words of Quran without any mistakes.

Reciting Quran properly with a beautiful voice.




3 To 6 Month


2 To 5 Hours Weekly

Tipyaan Academy

Noorani Qaida Course features

  • Schedule classes.
  • Interactive and effective environment.
  • Organized curriculum.
  • A lot of exercises.
  • Save effort.
  • Free trail.
  • Female and male tutor.
  • Available any time.
  • Feedback on Each Class.

Certified Teachers

Start for Free

Refundable Guarantee

24/7 Scheduling

Weekly and Monthly Reports

Affordable Fees

Make up Classes

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Teacher who teaches this course.

Professional Teachers.

our experts' tutors are qualified and ready for this job

With a degree from Islamic universities.

They have graduated from al-Azhar university.

Native Arabic.

Talented in teaching.

Creative in mange the class.

Good dealing with beginners

noorani qaida online course

The first step to learn the Quran

We offer you a version of the Quran reading Noorani Qaida course tailored specially for beginners and young ages to let them enjoy the online Quran classes.

Our Quran teachers are skilled in teaching kids as well as adults and changing the classes to join the Quran learning into joyful and amazing times.

The young age of our children is a chance that should be taken to teach them how to recite Quran properly. By joining those classes of Qaida Norania course that has a special version for kids and young ages, they will take a remarkable step towards the science of Tajweed as well as the Arabic language.

Noorani Qaida

What will you learn?

Letter Recognition

Letter Positions

Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation

Connecting Letters

Short Vowels (Harakat)

arabic basics writing and reading

Basic Tajweed Rules

Quran Recitation

Whom this Noorani Qaida course is for:

Non-native Muslims.


Kids aging up 5

Beginners of any age

Students who are interested in learning Quran

If you have this basic level of reading Arabic, now you are ready to go forward with these online Tajweed classes to start reading Quran properly. You may also already studied Tajweed before, but if you have not practiced enough, then these online Tajweed classes will be very helpful for you.
If you see that you are perfect at reading Quran and have good knowledge of Tajweed, this online Tajweed course is a chance to meet one of our well-qualified Tajweed teachers to assure you recitation against mistakes and be ready to join the Tajweed Ijazah course.

noorani qaida

Course Strategy

Reading the Arabic Alphabets.

Different shapes of the Arabic letters

Arabic with types of vowels and Tanween.

The letters of lengthening & soft Lengthening

The Arabic letters with Sukoon

The joining letters

Noon Saakin Rules and Tanween

Advanced Quran Noorani Course Curriculum

This curriculum of these online Quran Noorani classes is tailored to meet the needs of beginners, kids, and adults. It always aims to be suitable for every individual Quran learner. Our Quran teachers besides the academic observers always work together to put the right plan.

Contains all the Arabic alphabets.

⦁ Helps non-native perfect their Arabic pronunciation

Allows you to learn to read joint letters

Exercises in the curriculum

Learn the Quran basics in a correct manner

Observes individual differences

Takes into account motives, trends, gender, and age.

Recite Quran with Tajweed accent

Begin reading the Quran

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    Learning Noorani is not the point. Noorani is so easy way of learning the Quran reading for beginners, kids, adults, and for brothers and sisters. The point is how to start learning Quran and practice up to perfection. The aim of this online Noorani classes is how to make reading Quran familiar to you.

    Join now and start your journey to recite the Quran in Arabic.